Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My friend Shellsherree has taken one of my Paris photographs and created a most delightful piece of art. Please visit her blog. Merci mon amie!!!


Kcalpesh said...

A window partly open or a window partly closed? Lovely sepia capture!

- Pixellicious Photos

Shell Sherree said...

You're a honey, Virginia!

This one's gorgeous, too. I'm trying to work it out ~ it's like there are ghosts of the shutters on the wall, as if they were pressed into the rendering while it was still damp. Is this a superimposition that you've done? No, on second thoughts, don't tell me ... I love the mystique!

Virginia said...

I fear it's just good ole Paris dirt that got in between the slats over the years and years! :)

Well that's up to the viewer I would think! Merci!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you and Shell complement each other. Maybe she'll do one of my county extension agent -- a violet Albert.

Petrea Burchard said...

I love this one. What is it about Paris dirt? I swear I found it almost romantic. I mean, it's a dirty city! But that's one of the things I liked about it. As though that dirt was left by the Parisii, and better and more historic than other dirt.

Starman said...

Actually, there is a cleaning happening somewhere in Paris at this very moment. There is, indeed, a law that buildings in Paris MUST be cleaned every XX years.

Virginia said...

Yes, I think you're correct. It's such a lovely old city but they must do some cleaning to keep it that way.
I miss it!

Shell Sherree said...

Well, I'll be...! If I had shutters, our walls might have looked like that after the dust storm. No, I doubt it.

Hiker, I fear I just couldn't do justice to your Albert. :)