Friday, October 30, 2009

Chez Julian

I was strolling through my artist friend Shellsherree's great blog and stumbled on this delightful painting. I recognized the car and went straight to my photo stash to find my photo taken in front of Chez Julian. Located in the 4th ème, it is a lovely, if a bit pricey little restaurant. I fell in love with the car thinking I was just exceptionally fortunate to find it parked there. Apparently it's a part of the charm of Chez Julian. Either that, or Cali (whose photo sparked Shell's great artwork) and I both got very lucky!


Shell Sherree said...

Oh wow, Virginia {and thank you}! It's wonderful to see the close-up of the car ~ what a beauty, hey?! You and Cali both captured a gorgeous scene!

Daryl said...


from cali said...

The car is what caught my eye also. I have seen photos of Chez J online without the car in front, but I suspect those are flukes. I have to agree with you: we both got very lucky! :-)

Virginia said...

We sure did get lucky. Now I wish Peter and I had stopped for yet another glass of wine that day and enjoyed the view! I think I pressed my nose against the window and had a look inside! :)

Starman said...

Chez Julian must be a chain. We ate at the Chez Julian in Toulouse. It wasn't all that expensive.

Alexa said...

How did I come across your blog in the first place? Probably through Shell. At any rate, I'm enjoying it very much!

Virginia said...

Welcome and please return,

Don't even mention the word....chain! :))

de rien!

Could a trip to Paris be in our future???

PeterParis said...

Not a chain, but I believe that Chez Julien belongs to a family (Costes) who has also some others around...., maybe ten in Paris!

... yes Virginia, another glass of wine on a terrace with you sounds nice!

Virginia said...

Thanks as always for helping out with the details I don't know or just don't look up! You know I'm all about the photos but don't write much down to help myself remember! And oui, I can't wait to get back and find a terrace....maybe Chez Julian or who knows....we have so many favorites now! :)