Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paris Jaune II

Yesterday I began yet another "series" here......Paris Juane! Not a color I am usually drawn to, I had serious doubts that I would be able to find much in my archives. What a nice surprise to find quite a few. Today, one I had overlooked. I love it when that happens. I posted this lovely old Hotel Chatillon previously, but I like the trés chic lady in this photograph! I think she gives the viewer a sense of the enormity of those fabulous doors!


Daryl said...

So lovely, so shabby chic and so enormous.. I am not a lover of this color but this looks perfect .. bathed in soft (morning?) light

LR Photography said...

I always wonder about peoples life's. Sometimes when I look at some photos I just ask myself, what they do, how they live, are they happy? It is a strange feeling, it is like looking at something that I never found, hard to explain. Someone that you saw like the woman here, that you may never see again; how are they? Have you ever thought about it Virginia?

Starman said...

LOVE the new direction and this picture. Another suggestion: perhaps a new blog titled Primary Paris where you do pictures in all the primary colors, whatever they may be. It's a terrible thing to be colorblind (though I understand science is making great strides in correcting it). The funny thing is that I used to work as a color separator in a a shop that specialized in color reproductions. To do that you don't have to "see" the colors, you just have to know the percentage of each of the primaries; red, blue, green and yellow.

Virginia said...

What an interesting question. Yes, I do think about these strangers I capture in a moment in time with the snap of my shutter. I guess we can only speculate, oui? Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your visits.

Awww, you're colorblind and can't see these for yourself? Merci for the idea of adding jaune. I found some really nice ones hidden away in my stash. Hope you're feeling well so you can plan another trip. I'm planning one in my head!:)

Starman said...

We've already begun preparations for our trip. We're going to Canada for three or four months to really investigate the possibility of living there. But it won't be until the spring thaw at the earliest. I'm not sure when we'll get back to Europe, but Barcelona is still high on my list of wanna sees.