Sunday, October 25, 2009

Église St. Julien le Pauvre

This week I featured Square René Viviani on the Left Bank. I mentioned that it was adjacent to Église Saint Julien le Pauvre. This Sunday we visit this Melkite Greek Catholic parish church and one of Paris' oldest. Built in the 13th century, it's not as grand as most of the churches in Paris, but one that you should see. I have some dear Greek Orthodox friends here in Birmingham so I especially enjoyed visiting this church.


Karen said...

I've been there but didn't go inside. I'll try to see it but less than a week to go. Time just flies and my time here is almost over. I think I'll plan my next one as soon as I get home.

Starman said...

Saint Julien is elegant in its simplicity. We discovered it quite by accident after a great dinner just down the rue.

Virginia said...

I had a great lunch downt the rue that day with Meredith Mullins. I so enjoyed this church.

Time sure flies when you're in Paris. Hard to believe it's time for you to say, "Au revoir". I'm sad for you and me!HA