Saturday, July 27, 2013

Look Up!

When I'm in Paris, I think I spend most of my time looking up.  I loved to gaze up at the ironwork balcons and imagine what's inside all those apartments.  And then there are the monuments.  This sunny day, a real surprise after a morning or downpours, I was trying to find every angle at the Palais Royal.  Les Colonnes de Buren are always fun to shoot, but this day, I found a different way to look at them.


Alexa said...

I've never seen them shot from this angle. What a clever girl you are, V!

c'est Jeff ici said...


Since they built that gaudy Métro entrance and seemed to under constant construction for the last few years I kind of wrote off Palais Royal. I spent some time there in May and rediscovered the fountain, the quiet, and the wonderful street behind Palais Royal. Thanks for the reminder.

Starman said...