Wednesday, June 16, 2010

100 French Strangers - Dejuener Avec Amies

French Stranger #64 - Frank, owner and chef

Yesterday I welcomed my dear blog reader ( and Francophile, imagine!) Genie from Mobile, Alabama and her friend Marie from Houston to Paris. Genie took us to one of her favorite restaurants, and we were not disappointed. Hier & Aujourd'hui ( 145 rue de Saussure, 17 eme) is a small family owned restaurant and the food is wonderful ! Genie and I had monkfish with fresh green legumes and Marie had lapin. We three shared two entrees and a chocolat creme brulee that was magnifique! Good friends, good food, good wine, friendly hosts. Another Paris moment I won't soon forget!

BTW, It's not always easy getting a seat so call for reservations at 01 42 27 35 55
Today, a blogfest in Paris. Stay tuned for details and photos!

(I'm having some Blogger issues so I am unable to move my photos or enlarge them. Pardon!!!)


Jilly said...

it all sounds delicious and lovely shots, Virginia. Have a great day with the bloggers.

Anne said...

Great restaurant if not particularly convenient to public transport!

TheChieftess said...

Sounds lovely!!!

Starman said...

I almost missed this because somehow Blogger put your previous post on top of it. Blogger is getting stranger and stranger each day.

Kim said...

Just the bread looks so good, let alone your description of the meal shared. What fun to hook up with other travelers for adventures together. . .and now you have a new restaurant to know and love.

Rob said...

Oh and that awesome French bread!