Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He Came From Away

While I was in Paris, my blog friend JB, flew in for the day from Mainz (Germany). He says I'm a hoot, and I say he's a MESS! :) What fun it was getting to know him, and we all shared a lot of laughs that day. He and I especially enjoyed trying to understand each other. JB's a New Zealander ( and just between you and me, he talks funny) and well, I have that southern thing going on. He said he only understood half of what I said! I'm not surprised. Thank you JB for spending the better part of your day/night on the Metro, in airports, on airplanes, AND missing all the soccer matches that day just pour moi! You're another reason I love blogging, my friend.

To see JB's clever interpretation of our blogfest, check out his Mainz Daily Photoblog and his other blog, You Must Be From Away.

And a special hello to JB's cousin in Leeds, England (not Leeds, Al) who follows this blog!

JB and Peter gratefully share a quiet moment while I'm lagging behind taking photos! Oh it didn't last long, believe me.

What are the odds of finding a café in Paris with a map of New Zealand??


TheChieftess said...

What a wonderful photo of JB Virginia!!! And what a delightful story about your visit in Paris!!! Ahhh...the wonderful world of bloggers!!!

Dianne said...

He looks gorgeous Virginia - you must have had a wonderful Day - 3bloggos on a day out in Paris -what fun. Welcome back.
Dianne xx

Shell Sherree said...

Blogland certainly has shrunk the world, hasn't it ~ such a lovely tale! As an Australian, I can understand Kiwi quite well. ;)

Unknown said...

Amazing light in this portrait!
It's been a while since I last visited this blog. It's always a pleasure looking at your Paris photos, V.!

Harriet said...

JB's posts about his time in Paris with Virginia are a must-read.

Great portrait photo, Virginia.

Starman said...

Blogging has definitely enhanced my travels.

Daryl said...

Ok. When you first posted about JB meeting you in Paris I was sure you wrote he flew in from MAINE and I thought that he was surely both rich and insane ... I am glad to learn its just that he's a Kiwi ...

MadAboutParis said...

Awww little JB, he's the cutest Kiwi I ever did meet...and hey Virg I love the "arse shot" of J&P, you are sooooo bad!

PeterParis said...

A wonderful portrait of a nice guy! A pleasure to meet him (... and you and Mary of course)!

jb said...

Of course, Virginia's hormonal, Puddinglane needs to buy a Labrador and a white stick and MadAboutParis is merely eternally grateful for my navigating her successfully on the RER into central Paris.
Daryl's spot-on about the insane.
That's my take on this unaccustomed (and frankly embarrassing) adulation, anyway...

steviewren said...

He looks like quite a character. Sounds like one too.

Marie Reed said...

I used to live near Mainz! I wonder if he knows where Partenheim is;)

Kate said...

I'm still envious that y'all spent some time together in one of my favorite cities (besides Santa Fe, NM)!

Virginia said...

HORMONAL?? What are those? Haven't seen one in ages! :)

You were missed!

OH I still want to meet you in Paris one day.

That JB made for a fun day didn't he! He's taking all the credit for the RER/MEtro thang. Any truth?

You and Owen and JB, were great "dates" that day. What a lucky girl I am.

Well get yourself back here more often. Look what you've missed.

As you well know, blogging has been a blessing in my life. Merci.

His blogs put mine to shame.

A kiwi is a different breed. I think we understand each other now....sometime! :)

Yep, a grand time.

You nailed it.

A REAL character and just a delight as well.

Alexa said...

Had to check out JB's version of your day together over at MDP. I think HE'S a hoot! He probably can't imitate a southern accent, but his phonetic attempt is spot on, don't you think? I just love it when virtual friends become "reach out and touch you" friends—lucky you!

jb said...

@Marie Reed
15.2 km, about 40 minutes on the bike.
Klein-Winternheim, turn right at the first set of lights in Nieder-Olm, through Stadecken-Elsheim, through Jugenheim, Partenheim.

Mrs jb knows Freund, the Honda people.

Small world, eh?

RMB said...

Hi Virginia, this is JB's cousin from Yorkshire (England) He's my favourite cousin who always makes a joke about him being younger than me. We're the same age for about a fortnight. I'm pleased you enjoyed his company in Paris. He and Mrs.JB were over here last week and the three of us went out to dinner - a lovely meal in one of my favourite eating places. Now I know how to reach your blog I'll be reading it daily.

Virginia said...

WElcome! And yes we had a great time in Paris. I'm sure I'm his FAVORITE blog friend in the whole wide world! ::)

Hope you'll visit often!

-K- said...

I agree with what nearly everyone else is saying - that is really a wonderful portrait.

You're meeting people from all around the world, aren't you? I can't think of anyone who has seized onto the potential of blogs more than you. Its really amazing

Virginia said...

Well I think you nailed it my friend. I"ve seized it but I have one blog friend I"ve yet to meet.... YOU! I will be back out there one day and you and I will meet and I HOPE will be able to shoot together. I do so admire your work. Thank you for your comments.

Virginia said...

Well I think you nailed it my friend. I"ve seized it but I have one blog friend I"ve yet to meet.... YOU! I will be back out there one day and you and I will meet and I HOPE will be able to shoot together. I do so admire your work. Thank you for your comments.