Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paris Rouge XXVII- Marilyn in Paris

This stenciled urban art I found in the Marais. All I can find is the name PIMAX. I've googled it but have come up empty handed. And oui, I've combed all of Peter's blog posts on this subject and couldn't find this particular artist. Any help my dear readers can offer will be appreciated. For now, let's just enjoy Marilyn with the .......ummm banana!


Daryl said...

You didnt look very hard click here

Starman said...

An interesting accessory.

Peter said...

Nice graffiti, Virginia, cool!

Virginia said...

I saw that but I still am unable to find info on the "artist".


Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back soon.

Alexa said...

Probably just as well that the other end of that "banana" is behind the shrubbery. :~}
Poor Marilyn is rather exploited (well, a popular subject anyway) by urban graffiti artists here in NYC too.

Shell Sherree said...

I'm in the bah-humbug camp about graffiti, but it's quite striking against the red. If anyone knows about PIMAX, I'm guessing it's Phx-Cdg. ;)

Alexa ~ hee hee!!!

Virginia said...

I'm with youl I hate graffiti but the stenciled urban art seems to be part of the Paris scene. I can handle that but the other makes me just crazy.

Laurent said...

You can find information on

In French ... sorry !

Catherine said...

When Mailyn is no more at the top of the bill !