Friday, September 18, 2009

Paris Bleu III - Trente

This beautiful apartment in Paris was, according to Peter's blog, designed by the nephew of Gustave Eiffel in 1914. Paris Bleu, how great!


Daryl said...

I had no idea this color which I love and have always thought of as French Blue is actually Paris Bleu!

PeterParis said...

Information found on the net!

Impressed by the number of good photos you still have in reserve! You can keep your Paris blog open still for quite some time I guess..., but then you must come back!

Virginia said...

I made up that name but I like Paris Bleu as well!

You know I'm already thinking about that idea!! I'm hopeless. Oh, and i have that new lens now!!:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely detail in that ironwork. and who's that I see in the window...

Karen said...

I love the bleu and the door is lovely. I like all the reflections in the glass behind the metalwork.
The glass pattern over the door is just so Paris.
12 more days..

Harriet said...

I love architectural details. You find the neatest things to photograph.

Virginia said...

Oh I had lots of good help finding those "neat things to photograph in Paris". I would never have found them all on my own. Peter can take a bow, and I hope he does! :)

I'm so jealous!