Sunday, September 6, 2009

Église St. Madeleine - Troyes, France

The Pigeon and the Baptismal Font



Karen said...

Ah, France. So many churches, so little time. Each church I went in could have filled my camera's memory stick. It can get overwhelming.

One thing I plan to do on this trip is to slow down and try to really "see". It was all so new last time and some of it is a blur. So glad I have the photos I do have to remind me.

-K- said...

I really love the baptismal font. Its got a wonderful mood to it.

Virginia said...

Thanks. I liked the light and of course the pigeon. He was not alone. There were many all over the church.

I just about maxed out on the churches. Towards the end I told Peter the next church I set foot in would be my church here at home. That was a big ole lie. I visited the one by the Parthenon my last day in Paris. We had tried twice to see it and it was always closed. Luckily I started taking a photo of the name of the church outside so I could remember which was which.They are all beautiful in their own special way.

Harriet said...

Virginia, this banner is one of my "favorites"! Right up there with the arches of the Carnavalet. And it's perfect for a "horizontal" shot.

I am so glad that you were able to get inside St. Etienne near the Parthenon. It's a gem. I think that Blaise Pascal is buried there.

Virginia said...

I just found this photo in all the others that I"m ashamed to admit I've not gone through carefully. I have many , many to delete but this was a nice surprise. Since you know I have limited horizontal photos, this is will stay up a long time unless I can con Peter out of some of his!HA When I get my calendar in the mail, this one might have to be added !

Virginia said...

Make that PANTHEON! Pardon!!!