Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Centre Georges Pompidou

Color Coded Duct Work on the Exterior

If this seems vaguely familiar, this was one of my previous Paris Puzzles here. Now it's time to return to this most unusual place for a closer look. Today, the Centre Georges Pompidou. Begun in 1969 and finished in 1974, it's a tribute to then President Pompidou. Because of it's location, it is also referred to as "Beaubourg". It houses the Musée National d'Art Moderne. The exterior is not my cup of tea, but I did find the maze of colorful pipes intriguing. I have sinced learned that they are color coded: Blue-air, Green-fluids, Yellow- electrical, Red- movement and flow( elevators). The back side features large clear tubes containing escalators. It also features a very large expanse of concrete that I found rather stark and not condusive to sitting and enjoying the view, but apparently the French like it just fine. It was full of people eating, listening to music and just enjoying July 14th, Bastille Day of course! Tomorrow, we will return to have a look at the funkiest fountain in all of Paris!

Lately, Laurent, who does a great job on Daily Photo in Paris , and I have managed to tag team several spots around Paris. I'm flattered, but I think Laurent needs to be worried, very worried about following my train of thought! I link to his post of the Pompidou here.

Only the French could take a grand clay pot, spray paint it gold, put it on a pedestal, declare it art, and we would all buy into that!


Karen said...

It does stand out, doesn't it? I enjoyed my visit here but my feet were screaming at me and I had to pass on the one floor I wanted to see more of. Escalators are such fun and to be able to ride these and take in the views is such fun.
I liked this perhaps because it is such a contrast to all the beautiful old buildings. Fun and whimsey.

Daryl said...

All those colors in the first shot .. eye catching to be sure... as for the painted flower pot ...meh

Maya said...

Ooh, I love the colorful pipes! What a great way to make something practical fun!

Laurent said...

You're right, we're often close to one another on our blogs and I enjoy a lot looking at your pictures
We have to meet next time you're in Paris !

Virginia said...

I"m flattered that we find similar sites in Paris that we think your readers will enjoy. Your blog takes me back to the city I so love. Oh my. I can hardly wait to return. Oui, we'll meet the very next time!!!

Thérèse said...

I don't remember this pot... and I am wondering for how long it will remain here without any addition of some kind! lol