Tuesday, December 27, 2016

100 French Strangers #86

Way back in 2009, I informally joined a Flickr group doing the 100 Strangers Challenge. The rules were a challenge for photographers who wanted to get more at ease with street photography. Your goal was photographing 100 strangers, with one catch. You had to have some interaction with them. No drive by shootings. I started it early on in my photography and hit 100 here in Birmingham. The summer of 2009, when my daughter Melissa and my two grands were in Paris for 3 weeks, I upped it to my personal 100 FRENCH Strangers Challenge. With not much French, the interaction had to suffice with me holding my camera up and saying, "S'il vous plait??" I stopped counting years ago but thought it might be fun to start up where I apparently left off.

This lovely man with checking his phone at the the Marché aux Puces this last trip. I walked past and stopped to snap. He heard the CLICK and looked up. I smiled and asked and he nodded. I think this might be one of my favorite Paris portraits. Merci Monsieur!