Saturday, August 29, 2015

C'est magique!

Many friends contact me for advice on what to see in Paris to make the most of their time there. For those only in Paris for a few days,  I usually recommend a smaller museum and then to see la Pyramide du Louvre at night. C'est magique!


Kate said...

Beautiful shot and good advice.

Jeanie said...

As much as I love art (I was an art history minor in college) I can take or leave the Louvre (inside). It's not the art, it's the people. Too many, it takes away from the enjoyment and if you only have a short time it can be overwhelming and undersatisfying. I know if I traveled there more often it would be different -- picking less busy times, shorter but more frequent visits. My fondest memory of the Louvre was actually sitting on the ledge of the water banks outside in the courtyard, looking at the pyramid and enjoying wine, cheese, nuts and a baguette in the early summer evening. That's my Louvre and you captured it!

William Kendall said...

An outstanding shot!

c'est Jeff ici said...

To walk through the courtyards of the Louvre is like walking back in time, in spite of the modern aspect of the Pyramid. Night adds mystery and beauty and a bonus if there is a moon and clouds.

As for seeing the works in the Louvre, one must pick the right times and be aware that the Louvre is really big and that there is much see aside from the well known pieces. In 25 years of visits I have never managed to get 60 quiet seconds in front of the Mona Lisa but have spent many hours with wonderful art in quiet parts of the Louvre.