Thursday, December 16, 2010

Je Préfère le Musée Rodin

One of the things I love most about this blog is that often I receive personal emails from readers.  Many times they are headed off to Paris for a few days or longer and ask me to recommend places I especially love.  I'm very flattered that anyone would ask my opinion,  as I feel I'm still scratching the surface in Paris myself.  That said, I always suggest the Musée Rodin.  What an exquisite, small, intimate museum this is and one than can be done,  regardless of the time you have in Paris. I just love the parquet floors that squeak when you walk across them and the gorgeous old mirrors and chandeliers and the old shuttered windows that open to the manicured gardens below.  The works of Rodin and Claudel are showcased so beautifully here. In addition, you will find the work of other artists that were in Rodin's private collection.  Don't miss it in summer or winter.


Petrea Burchard said...

You have an eye for the luscious, Virginia. Mmhmm.

Shell Sherree said...

I'd visit just to see the mirrors and chandeliers. The artworks will be a beautiful bonus. Gorgeous, V!

Anonymous said...

Hi, these are such great pictures. I spent a semester studying in Paris from 2008-2009 and I miss it like crazy. I was just wondering how viable it is for an American to get a job in Paris. I would love to live there myself someday.

Janey and Co. said...

Don't skip the gardens there..Especially you Baby Boomers..The Thinker by Rodin is out there. Dobie Gillis made this popular by sitting by a replica of it Central Park!

Nina said...

It is my absolute favorite museum in Paris! The Jardin in the summermonths is such a treat in a hectic city.

Laurent said...

Perfect suggestion Virginia. One of my favorite museum too ! Good that you get consulted by people ... I m jealous !

Virginia said...

Oh Laurent,
I'm always amused that I am asked because my friends will tell you that I'm "navigationally challenged" when in Paris. I have ALMOST learned the Metro system with only a glitch now and then. :) Some readers assume I live there ( be still my heart) and all I have to say to that is: "If I lived in Paris my French would be a whole lot better than it is now!" I'm very sad that we will miss each other yet again. You know that just means I must return!


I have some great shots of granddaughter Eva with
"some of the boys" in the garden! HA

Shell and Petrea,
Oh this place is right up your alley. ;)

Virginia said...

You find us both a job and I"ll be on the next plane!

cocoa and coconut said...

Well of course people would want your opinion about Paris! Your images and blog are a testament to the fact that you can point out to others the beauty of Paris. Thank you for that.

Amanda said...

I thought I knew Paris well but
you, Laurent and Peter always make
me discover new places.
The Musee Rodin is one of my favorite too.

Petrea Burchard said...

I've been there, Virginia, and loved it so much. Paris is so rich.

Daryl said...

You are as lovely as his sculpture!

Alexa said...

On my list of Paris faves too! Even though it's now a museum, it still feels "personal" somehow.
Hey, my WV is "expat." It's a sign!

The Armchair Parisian said...

I too adore this musée. I went here on the first day of one of my first trips to Paris. It was fall, gray, slightly rainy...I still remember enjoying the glimpses out the windows at the trees blowing as I moved from room to room. And the wood floors creaking, I remember that too :-) We then ate lunch in the café in the gardens (inside of course). It was a perfect first-thing-to-do-in-Paris.

Starman said...

Were you shooting the sculpture or your reflection?

Virginia said...

Perhaps I was. I used this photo for quite a while as my profile photo.

Armchair Parisian,
Oh this was taken on a very cold rainy day in Nov. It was wonderful being inside and seeing the gardens in the rain through the window. Do a search and see if you can find those photos here.

A sign, bien sûr!


I"m very happy to be included with my two Paris amis, Laurent and Peter!!!

I think you have a Paris soul mon amie!

I"m very flattered, but I am by no means a Paris expert. I depend all my American and Parisian friends to help me find all the wonders of Paris.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought you lived in Paris! That's why I asked. Sorry about that!
After reading your bio more carefully, I see that you make many visits. Awesome all the same. The pictures you take are so attentive to detail though, and the French way of life, that they look as if they had been taken by a true parisienne!

Virginia said...

Oh I wish I did live there and I think you do as well! Thank you for leaving a comment and for following my blog. I hope to have new photos very soon!

Marion said...

Cool photo blog! :)

I've never been to the Rodin museum in Paris, but saw a great Rodin exhibit in Legnano, Italy a few weeks ago. If you're planning a trip to Milan or the Lake Como area, do not miss it! The exhibition is open until the end of March.

Joyeuses fêtes!

Kim said...

My fave and the best ever musée for a date with mon amore. . .Claudel and Rodin made their stone works breathe life. This home is truly special and the garden (and its cats) a joy.
Nice to see you, Ms. V.

Parisian Heart said...

Hello, Virginia! I did not realize that you had a Paris photo blog! I found yours via Genie's which I found via Eric's.

The Musee Rodin is my favorite single artist museum in Paris. I love the building itself and, of course, the exquisite works within it. This particular photo from the Rodin is meaningful to me, because it captures what is one of my two favorite pieces there, The Hand of God. In my visits to the Rodin, I circled around and around this sculpture and did not believe I could find any angle from which to take a picture that would do justice to this masterpiece. However, YOU have captured a fabulous photo! What makes it even more wonderful for me is that I can see my other Rodin favorite, The Kiss, as well as some of the beauty of the building, in the background. Thank you for sharing this!!