Saturday, July 10, 2010

Madame et le Chien

French Stranger # 67

Peter and I happened upon this lovely lady with her precious pup in the basket of her bicycle in a small park in the Marais. She was so kind to pose for photos.

(For those of you that have followed my comments regarding the unusual summer clothing in Paris, I rest my case.)

"Toto, I think we've landed in Paris!"


Shell Sherree said...

She looks kind, and Awww, how about that puppy!! If I wanted to attract attention in Paris, I'd find myself a puppy to carry around. ;)

Katie said...

Great photo! Her outfit is marvelous as is her cute little dog. So Parisian!

Starman said...

She looks a lot like M. Sarkozy.

Julie said...

Hard to reaise that Madame and lass on bench in b/g are inhabiting the same day.

Love the alertness of chien.

69 days before I venture that way myself. Am going to read back through this journey and previous one to pick up essential experiences.

Anonymous said...

First thing I noticed! Virg is right about the wardrobe.

Virginia said...

Hiker, I"m peeling out of my clothes as I look at this. I don't wear all that in the dead of winter!