Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Le Marais - 100 French Strangers Challenge

Tuesday I walked all over le Marais. It was a bit more crowded with tourists as the day wore on, but I still enjoyed all the interesting places and people. These were taken at Place de Vosges. Some very friendly "French Strangers"!

The artist at work
100 French Strangers #22

Monsieur and Titi
100 French Strangers # 23

What can I say? Charming French artists can sell a lot of prints!
100 French Strangers # 24
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Thérèse said...

Thanks for all the views from Paris Virginia. As if I was still there... Have fun.

Louis la Vache said...

Le Place des Vosges is one of «Louis's» favorite quiet spots in Paris. When «Louis» lived in Paris, he lived on rue-Saint-Antoine and was only minutes from Place des Vosges. Often he would enter le Place through Hôtel de Sully.

Harriet said...

Do Frenchmen really wear baseball caps and running shoes? Stranger #23 could pass as an American, n'est-ce pas?

Who took that photo of you and Stranger #24???

Polly said...

Virginia, I'm SO jealous- I didn't get to see the Bastille Day fireworks this year!

I love the image of M. and Titi, although the gentleman in the foreground appears très américain, it is le caractèrein the background who is REALLY intriguing....

Bob Crowe said...

Ah, perhaps you find zee romance in Paree, no? These are charming, particularly the first one.

Lenora Regan - said...

Wow, I truly love the second photograph. They way the two are looking at each other.

alice said...

Bonjour Virginia! Contente de te voir!

Virginia said...

M. was indeed very French! I was looking over the artist's shoulder in the top photograph and he showed me that he had included M. and Titi in his painting.

Maya said...

As usual, your Strangers shots are awesome. I love the man and his dog shot!

Starman said...

I've rented an apartment on rue Saint-Antoine for my next Paris visit in Octobre, but I probably won't be going to Place des Vosges.

Unknown said...

Wonderful b&w portraits! It's also good to see you happy in Paris! Lovely! :-)

PeterParis said...

Who was charming whom on the last picture?
Nice portraits, really nice!

Virginia said...

Actually he was trying to get Titi to perform by sitting for me and when she didn't, he dangled her by her leash. It was really pretty funny. She was not hurt!

What's not to be happy about in Paree? :)

Starman, Now can I return as your baggage handler in October?????

You and I both know a southern girl from Alabama can't compete with a Frenchman! I'm out of my "league"! HA

Polly, the man in the background does add interest and it was a happy surprise to see it. Honestly, I was too focused on Titi and her master to notice at the time.

I'm so sorry we couldn't have met while you were in France. Maybe someday?

MOOOOve over, I love Paris as much as you do! :)

I'm bummed that you and J can't meet me here. We'd have so much fun!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Put that man down! Pass me the dog though. I can just see me wandering Paris with that little sweetie. Paris really suits you.

Jilly said...

Loving Paris through your Lens. Looks like you had the best fun here! Go girl!