Friday, July 17, 2020

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Chartes III

One of the main reasons I have always wanted to visit this cathedral is to walk the labyrinth. For future visitors please note that on most days, the labyrinth is covered with chairs, but on Fridays they are moved aside. It's a large one so I walked it to the center, then quietly walked out of it. I"m sure the church members stationed in chairs on the perimeter gave me disapproving looks! The problem with a labyrinth obviously, is that it's almost impossible to photograph from ground level. This is the best I can offer. If you click HERE you can see an aerial view. 


David L said...

very nice V

Joe said...

Gosh .. what an unusual feature for this cathedral.

William Kendall said...

An Anglican cathedral here has a labyrinth based on that one.