Friday, February 19, 2016

La neige

Rumor has it there was a light dusting of snow in Paris this week. This was taken sever years ago. The morning we arrived, there was snow still on the ground from earlier in the week. Just as Peter and I headed fro Tuileries, it began to rain. Quelle dommage. This is about all I got.


La Petite Gallery said...

Virginia, beautiful. You know my Mamma had Alzheimer's and I
cherish my memories so much. I can close my eyes and see a restaurant
on Amsterdam, and Place Chichy side walk cafe. Women carry flowers upside down. I had to ask in broken french WHY? I found the French will be very kind if you try to speak French. I asked a man "Where is the train, he said you are asking,
where is the war? I said, I am Southern he laughed. I love Paris.
My house was burnt to the grown during Hurricane Andrew, all my photo's
everything went. I'll never forget. Sometime I wish those memories
wouldn't creep into my mind. Love your photo's. yvonne

William Kendall said...

What a pretty sight, Virginia!

bill burke said...

Beautiful scene. It reminds me of a quiet winter morning.