Monday, November 23, 2015

Bonjour mon ami

This last week Mary, Phil and I stayed in the apartment of our friends near Place des Victoires, just a block from the Palais Royal. This is one of Paris' best kept secrets. It's been a favorite haunt since my second trip to Paris in 2008, and I never miss a chance to come to the gardens and relax and people watch. Because of the events on November 13th in Paris, we had to rearrange our outings a bit and I found myself spending more time here. I was able to take more time with my photographs and really see this incredibly beautiful place as I've never done before. 


Stuart said...

It is indeed a little secluded jewel. So quiet and peaceful.

Une femme de Denver, Colorado said...

A beautiful photo and so artistically, architecturally composed. Bien fait! What incredible timing fir your trip but clearly you handled it beautifully and without qualms. Not sure I would be as courageous.
Avec solidarite,
Diane in Denver

William Kendall said...

I like the depth to this shot.