Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Paris Rouge - Losco

I stumbled on this custom belt shop in the Marais one day and have been back since for more photos. The second trip, I had to do a bit of negotiating with them but was in the end, allowed to take a few more. I have no idea how much their custom belts cost, but it's a lovely place to visit just to see the beautiful leather strips and exquisite buckles. The workbench caught my eye as well.

20 rue de Sévigné
75004 Paris


Joe said...

I can imagine many hundreds of hours being spent at this workbench by a leathersmith earning a living.

William Kendall said...

The tools in particular catch my eye.

Roseann said...

Where are the beautiful later strips?

Virginia said...

Roseann, soon!!!

Kathleen's Blog said...

Lovely photo---it looks cozy there!!