Monday, January 17, 2011

P is for Peter's Paris

Pardon the quality of this photograph. I took it last week in very low light through a café window, but I think it is a great photo of Peter!

Today begins a new series that I am calling Paris A-Z.  I thought I'd photograph letters all over Paris and pair them with a photograph.  It's not as easy as it sounds, so no,  I don't have nearly enough letters.  I am just going to use what I have so far, in random order.

P is for mon chèr ami Peter Olson who authors the very popular Paris blog...Peter's Paris.  We've been friends for over two years now and just when he loads me on a plane for home. ..voilà I'm back!!   He's a terrific tour guide and knows more about the history of Paris than most Parisians ( He's Swedish )  He's also the most patient man in Paris - willing to stop every few meters while I take yet another photo and the most persuasive. I don't know many that could coax me to climb the zillion steps to the dome of the Sacre Coeur AND ride the Grand Roue at Tuileries!!  He's my BFF ( Best French Friend) and I think it only fair that he is the first in my Parisian Alphabet series.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

No argument from me, Virginia, and I love the likeness of M. Peter. He is a dear soul and loved by many.

A great way to start your alphabet, mon amie!


(see you in B'ham - today!)

Ming the Merciless said...

It's always good to have a friend in Paris, I say.

Anonymous said...

very nice!!! Love the photo!!! It has a b&W film feel to it.....VERY GOOD SHOT Virginia!!!!

You living in Paris now? ;-)

PeterParis said...

This almost too much ! Thanks for this post ! I guess I must start an alphabet as well, starting with the letter V! (… and I hope to see you soon again!) It’s such a pleasure to walk around with you, so easy with someone who is so in love with Paris!

Laurent said...

That's a declaration ! I must say I was happy to meet Peter with you in Paris and I confirm, he knows much more about Paris that 99% of Parisians.

Amanda said...

Peter is a very special person!
I learn so much from his blog and I am glad to know he is kind as well.

Elizabeth said...

A fun idea! I like his blog too.

Alexa said...

I also think this is a fine portrait. I'm a visitor (but not commenter) to Peter's wonderfully entertaining and informative blog. You're a lucky woman, V, to have Peter for a BFF (he must be blushing).

Virginia said...

I tell Peter this after each trip, "How did a girl from Alabama get so lucky to have such a dear friend in Paris?"

If you hadn't recommended I get in touch with Peter way back in the summer of 2008, look what I would have missed!

Alas I had to come home.

He certainly is and I'm afraid I "mooch" off his informative blog often. I let him do all the hard work and then I link. TEAMWORK! HA

la fourchette said...

I love grain so I find this to be a very appealing portrait shot. Nice. And lucky you, missy, with a BFF in Paris! (Love the alphabet idea...I'm looking forward to whatever order inspiration calls for.)

Starman said...

Great shot of a great man! I agree, you couldn't have chosen a more appropriate person with whom to start your new series. BTW....I'm so jealous of his hair.

Virginia said...

la Fourchette,
I am very lucky and thanks for naming the "noise" - grain! Sounds so much better! I worked on it as best I could to get it that far.

HAAAA, I think I"m jealous as well. He's older than I am and not much gray. Moi on the other hand..........

Knowing Peter, he probably did blush just a titch!:)

Harriet said...

A great portrait shot of Peter. The fact that there is a little 'grain' (per la fourchette) seems to make the portrait just right. What a gorgeous smile to go along with such a gracious person.

Ken said...

Love your blog. Visit daily to get my 'fix' of Paris between trips.
Like the grain as well, if this was a colour photo it would be noise.

Owen said...

Peter is positively a powerful force in promoting Paris, which he does with profound performances on Peter's Paris, piercing into the history and culture parisian life, a poignant philosopher who shows us just how pertinent the past is to the present, his pages are ALWAYS, perpetually, a pure pleasure to peruse, his work will be praised by posterity .... oooofff, with all those "p"s in that proclamation, I'm pooped !

Virginia said...

THat does it. From now on you''ll help write the future ABC posts! That was a powerful performance Pal! HA

How nice of you. Come on by for a fix everyday!

As a FOP, Friend of Peter, as my friend Mary has coined, I knew you would love this. :)

Jilly said...

What a lovely post, Virginia. You've really captured Peter. That wonderful smile, his stylish way of dressing and his essential kindness. Always interested and interesting.

Love Owen's description of Peter! Brilliant and absolutely right, Owen.

Kim said...

You caught a great smile there! Peter's blog is a treasure of amazing sights and information. And this is a fun idea for a series.
So, Conrad is responsible for two foreign bloggers about Paris meeting! Well, that's wonderful.
What's the count, now V? How many visits does this last one make? And what's your best Paris yearly visit average now. . .twice in one year? More? We all have fun with you and Mary, so I hope these adventures continue to be frequent!

Judy - So California said...

V, What a great idea AND the Perfect Phirst Photo of Peter. Both great pictures, can't wait for more.

Nathalie said...

Hasn't Peter got the most gorgeous smile? We're all crazy about him and he knows it! :-)))
Yes it's a fantastic portrait of him, movement,smile and all.

TheChieftess said...

Great photo!!! Great photo of Peter, and the grain lends a vintage look to it...maybe even a bit of a lomography quality!!!

Laurie of GOSP and Kat of Pas.91050 both go to great lengths with their iPhone and fun aps to get this look!!!
And I'm fooling with my Droid to get this too!!!

Maria O. Russell said...

Is Axel von Fersen back?