Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Love Paris When It Drizzles

A rainy day in the 5eme. I think that may be mon amie Mary's parapluie! Sweet memories.

Today Frank Sinatra will sing "I Love Paris" pour vous and be sure and watch the video, some very nice images!


Judy - So California said...

V, If your going to be rained on it might as well be in Paris! Great shot.

Julie said...

I have just lined up a house-sitter for my trip to France in September. She also is a Francophile/phone.

She recommended I wander down lepic in Montmatre. How say you?

Alexa said...

You're so right. Rain? Shine? Who cares—it's Paris!
This is not so very far from where I lived (but that was back when anyone could afford to live here, or even in the 6th). Thanks for the great link!

Virginia said...

Is that l'epic? I don't know it but I'll see on my map for you and let you know. Montmartre is a wonderful place to wander!


That's what I always say! :)

Starman said...

I love Paris, but not the weather in spring or winter.

Lowell said...

Hi V. Sinatra's always been my favorite singers and "I Love Paris" has always been one of my favorite Paris I don't care if it's raining or long as I'm in Paris! Nice capture!

Owen said...

One had best like rain and drizzle if one is going to enjoy living in Paris, for it does more than many may realize... but indeed, wet or dry, Paris is always... Paris...

About above comment, rue Lepic in Montmartre :

Happy planning...

Virginia said...

Oh right you are. IT's Paris rain or shine and it's divine!
THanks for the link . I want to know all about it myself.

Shane Pollard said...

Tres belle!

I LOVE Paris anytime.
I've been in all seasons and I love them all.

OK Christmas time is freezing but it is compensated by the amazing decorations which shine through the starkness of the winter landscape.
And also the warmth and atmosphere of the cafes and bookshops (to escape from the cold, cold wind that even enters our bones)!
I particularly LOVE the flower shops in winter and their magical displays of winter flowers and greenery. The sweet smell of pine and hellebores (the Christmas roses).

Once again you've transported me to my fave city.

Thank you for sharing.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Beautiful,even through the rain!