Saturday, April 17, 2010

In a Quiet Room

For me, part of the charm of the Musée de Rodin is its grand setting in the former Hôtel Biron. I love the old wood floors, antique chandeliers, aged mirrors and the beautiful shuttered windows with views of the gardens. I found this quiet spot on a cold and rainy afternoon in November, 2008.

Oh my goodness. My chère amie Shell Sherree has done it once again. She has taken this photo at Père Lachaise and turned it into this lovely work of art. I am so touched that she has chosen another of my photographs to illustrate in her own special way. My dear Shell, I have no words.


Shell Sherree said...

My pleasure, Virginia ~ I thank you for the constant inspiration!!

As for this one, how beautiful it must have been to luxuriate in those rooms.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Beautiful, Virginia. I feel as if I should don a couture gown to stand in front of the elegant old window with it's fabulous ironwork!

Sab said...

Hello Virginia, I've just discovered your blog and your lovely pictures of Paris. I like your work and the atmospheres you create and the moments you capture - an inspiration!

Virginia said...

Merci, I appreciate your comments. Glad to reconnect with your blog as well!

I knew you'd dream of some frou frou righ here. Moi aussi!

You would love this place.

Starman said...

I love those large French windows that open to the interior.

Virginia said...

I do too. I always feel so "special" when I open them wide! I think that's left over from some old Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly movies! :)

Jeanne Henriques said...

I love quiet rooms and this one is perfect!

Jeanne :)

The Armchair Parisian said...

I recall going to the Rodin on one of my earliest trips to Paris. Our room wasn't ready, of course, when we arrived early in the day, so we did some exploring and ended up there on a slightly rainy day. I found it magical to look out those windows and enjoyed lunch in the garden cafe. The peacefulness was perfect for a jet-lagged first morning in Paris.