Monday, March 14, 2011

Le Carrousel - Tuileries

I do believe I've identified another Paris fetish.......carrousels!  This one taken on a very gray, drizzly day on a walk through Tuileries.  I photographed it here on my first trip in 2007.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Oh, this is one of my favorites, a little confection of ice blue and white... It is perfect in the dreary days of winter adding a sparkle as it turns (counterclockwise - hah)

You have framed it beautifully, V.


megi said...

Hell,bunt,laut.Zurück in die Kindheit.
Tolles Foto
liebe Grüße

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I remember this one!
It must be 21 years since I was in Paris, but I think of this carousel quite often, retracing my steps through the Tuileries. It was also a grey day when I was there, I went for my 40th birthday and I had a ride on one of the horses!

Alexa said...

I love the way you've framed it too, V. Am sure that if I came upon this while strolling in the garden, I would say, "Oh, look—there's Eva's carrousel!"

M said...

I love the way it is peeking through the wintry branches ... a fun temptation on a dreary day! The winter sky really makes it's colors pop.

Diane said...

I wish we would adopt this fetish here in the UK - They brighten up dull days and make everyone feel like a child again. xxxx

Daryl said...

Makes me even sadder the carousel in Central Park wasnt open when we were there

Becky said...

I have been lurking my way through your blog for months now, enjoying your photos. We'll be spending 10 days in Paris later in April and you have provided so many ideas for details and things I don't want to miss. We've been there before, but traveling never gets old. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Harriet said...

The carrousels in Paris brighten up even a gray day. Love seeing the top through those branches.

Peter said...

One of those days the carousel owner may hate; no kids around! But there is a specific atmosphere which you know how to capture.

TheChieftess said...

Fun!!! I like the angle!

Starman said...

I rode that carousel on my first trip on 1999.

Pamela said...

Yes i could have this fetish too!

Thirtytwo degrees said...

Yes, carousels bring out the child in us all right. I love them, love the music, the sounds, the lights, the horses, and other animals as they go up and down, round and round! Love this! Marvelous!

Virginia said...

Thank you for "lurking" and commenting! Have a wonderful trip to Paris!

I would have paid euros to see you riding this carrousel!HA

You're right. His business is down in the winter. You almost wonder why he stays open when it's so cold and rainy.

Oh how sweet!

Half Heard,
I am so glad it brings back sweet memories of Paris for you.

You fueled the fetish in June!

TheChieftess said...

Last night I watched Hitchcock's *Stranger on a Train*...the final scene being on a carousel...which goes berserk (after someone shoots into it) with carousel horses flying off and the whole thing falling apart...quite exciting!!! So I guess it's no wonder that between your post and that movie...carousels were in my dreams last night!!!

Jilly said...

You are so right. I'd not thought of it before but one does see a lot of carousels and aren't they lovely. This one certainly is.