Friday, July 20, 2018

Cimetière de Passy - La porte ouverte

Today, the second in the Passy series. The mausoleums here are beautiful. I think I could publish and entire book of just the doors. I especially loved the blue palm fronds and wreath on the doors and the shadows inside.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cimetière de Passy - La vue

Say what you will about Père Llachaise, the residents of Cimetière de Passy have the best view in Paris. Located across the street from the Palais de Chaillot, the view of la Tour Eiffel is everlasting.

When I meet with friends to help them plan their trips to Paris, I always suggest Passy if they have only a few days in Paris. If they have longer, of course I encourage Père Lachaise, Montmartre or Montparnasse cemeteries, as well. Passy is small and doable in an hour, and you can bundle this with your trip to la Tour Eiffel and perhaps the Contemporary, Architecture and Fashion museums in walking distance.

I"ll be featuring Passy, for the next few days here. Maybe you'll decide to add it to your Paris To Do List!

Cimetière de Passy
2 rue de Commandant Schloesing
Paris 20016

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Marché Bastille

Way back in 2007, we walked up on our first, but not our last, Paris marché. Let's say the offering at a Parisian market can be similar to southern markets but we found quite a few eye opening items! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bon temps!

When you travel to Paris with children, you discover all of the wonderful parks and playgrounds it offers. I think this might have been in Tuileries. Davis loved it!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Le studio de Monsieur Rodin

Located in the town of Meudon, is another lesser known  Rodin Museum. It's a short Metro ride to the town, then you can trek up the hill or taxi. Also of note, Rodin's gravesite and his home where you can tour several of the rooms, including this studio. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Popping the Cork!

Celebrating with France tonight after their World Cup victory!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

la Fête Nationale Française!

I have many photographs of French flags that I could have posted here today, but this one, taken two days after the terrorists attacks in 2015, seems more fitting.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Beaux balcons

Lush, even in November!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Reading in Paris

On this beautiful, blue sky day in November, the Jardin du Luxembourg was the perfect spot to read.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Scooters are a mode of transportation in Paris. Often we see adults using them as well!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Café et un livre

I always love capturing Parisians enjoying a book whether it's in the Métro, on a park bench,  or of course, a Paris café. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Stohrer, a Paris legend

Stohrer, Paris' oldest patisserie, since 1730. Nicolas Stohrer, was the pastry chef for King Louis XV. Try and top that! This beautiful shop on rue Montorgueil in the 2nd, is not to be missed!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Envie de moto

Nine years ago we stayed in a flat in Paris for three weeks. Davis was just four at the time. It didn't take him long to develop a respect for motos! He also loved spotting Smart Cars and delighted in screaming, "SMART CAR!" every single time. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Friday, June 29, 2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Le musicien de rue

I would be curious to know if the musician drew that message or just chose this spot to make  his music.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

L'amour à Paris

Another reason I love Paris. Love is always in the air and no one seems a bit shy about indulging.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

L'Hotel de Ville avec palmiers

Afternoon light on the Hôtel de Ville, Paris. Since 1357, it's been the headquarters for the city of Paris. I have no idea how the potted palms were able to withstand November's  chilly weather.

Travel Tip: Always check the website as there are often wonderful art/photography exhibits here.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Visage orange

I prefer Paris' orange face to the one we have here in the USA!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sunday Church Series - Église Saint-Julien le Pauvre

Built in the 13 Century, this Melkite Greek Catholic church was originally a Catholic church. One of the city's oldest religious buildings, this church sits just across the Seine on the Left Bank from Notre Dame. Directly behind the church is the beautiful Square René Viviani. I highly recommend both if you are visiting Notre Dame.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Moto envie

 June, 2009, we spent three weeks in Paris with Davis and Eva. It didn't take Davis long to learn about the awesomeness of Parisian motos!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Un jour parfait

A Paris chat and a Berthillon cone on l'Î Saint-Louis. What could be better!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Musée du Quai Branley

One of Paris' newest  (2006) museums, Musée du Quai Branley, located near la Tour Eiffel, features the indigenous art and cultures of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceana. It is well worth your time on your next visit.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Paris Rouge - Le vélo

I love bikes parked along old Paris shops and cafés.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Vêtements de bébé et un clown

Surely, la Marché aux Puces is a photographer's delight. I probably should go alone and spend a long day there. I've only visited twice, and I don't think I gave it enough time to really explore and photograph.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

La Croix

Thanks to my travel amie, Mary Gilbert, I've learned to love the beauty of Paris cemeteries. Mausoleums are particularly beautiful. This one captured at Père Llachaise. This cemetery, located in the 20th arrondissement, is the largest so plan to spend a long time there exploring this lovely resting place.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Cimetière de Passy

As you know by know, Passy is one of my favorite resting places in Paris. Conveniently located near Trocadéro and la Tour Eiffel, it's small, well kept and doable in a short amount of time  If you have the luxury of an extended visit to Paris, of course visit Père Lachaise, if not, this will give you the Paris cemetery experience. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Amical parisien

This photo was taken in November, 20008, my second trip to Paris.  I had not even started my 100 Strangers Project on my Birmingham blog. Later, I would add this blog and searched for 100 French Strangers over the years since. The "rules" are that the person must be a stranger and you must have some verbal interaction with them. For most Parisians, it was VERY minimal, but I loved meeting so many friendly French strangers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Au Marché de la Butte

 Amélie shopped here. I think it might have been spruced up a bit since I took this photo a few years ago. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

L'élégante porte

The history of Paris museum, the Musée Carnavalet,was closed this day, but the view through the gate was lovely. Today the museum is again closed for renovation until the end of 2019. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Waiting in Paris

Once a Paris waiter, always a Paris waiter apparently. I love it when I see the same guys year after year. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Meet Olivia Clétienne, who paints in her tiny studio at the Village St. Paul in the Marais. She paints animals and restores artwork. She kindly allowed me to photograph her at work.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Notre beau balcon

This was our sweet balcony on rue Berthollet, June 2009. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Grand mère et sa petite-fille

Both enjoying a lovely morning in May at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Monday, June 4, 2018

My Favorite Cemetery in Paris

Oh, Cimetière de Passy is one of my favorite resting places in Paris. Located near Trocadéro and the Palais de Chaillot, it's a small, lovely cemetery that gives you a taste of Paris resting places.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Prowling around the Village Saint-Paul, I spotted this artist at work. Olivia Clétienne, peinture animalieret et restauratrice de tableaux. She heard the click of my camera and looked up. She kindly allowed me to take more photographs.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Fontaine Saint-Sulpice

I will be presenting a phototalk on Sacred Spaces of Paris at my church, Independent Presbyterian Church this coming Sunday at 10:00 a.m. While gathering photos for my presentation, I discovered this image of the magnificent fountain at Saint-Sulpice If you are in the Birmingham area, I hope that you will attend. Everyone is welcome!

Friday, June 1, 2018

City Daily Photo Theme Day - Me!

I'd do almost anything to stay our of the camera, but in 2009, when I did a walkabout in Paris with one of my favorite photographers, Meredith Mullins, I complied. She was sneaky. She waited till I looked out over the sunset on the Seine, then said, "Virginia!" I turned around and she caught me. It's not everyone who has a Meredith Mullins portrait. I"m very proud.

Today, I can't wait to see what my City Daily Photobloggers around the world will post as their ME photo. Click HERE to see the gallery.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Auld Alliance

A Scottish Bar in Paris. Who knew!

The Auld Alliance
80 rue François Miron
75004 Paris

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Paris Rouge - Le chaise

Who among us can deny a love affair with every Paris café chaise? I love them in every color.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Les oiseaux amicaux

I was having a nice glass of wine at Ma Bourgogne, Place des Vosges, I was alone for long. These little friends hopped over for a few pieces of bread. I think they have played this game a time or two.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Musée avec vue

In my opinion, one of the best kept secrets in Paris is Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine  (architecture and monument museum). Located near the Palais de Chaillot, it's most convenient when visiting la Tour Eiffel. As you can see, this museum offers commanding views but it is without a doubt a must see on your next visit.

Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine
1 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre
75116 Paris

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Les letteres d'alphabet

Merci is one of my favorite shops in Paris. Always full of quirky items for the home, clothing, and an assortment of letters, large and small.

111 blvd Beaumarchais
75003 Paris