Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Church Series - The Players

As evening fell I sat outside with a cup of espresso, grateful for the outdoor heater.  I could have found a table inside but would not have been able to enjoy this informal game of soccer on the Place Stravinsky.  The side of the beautiful Église Saint-Merri was an interesting backdrop.


Joe said...

Great image. I like the combination of Church and community. Maybe not the gathering the church intended but a gathering none the less.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Wonderful expression of young activities in such beautiful architectural settings ...

Alexa said...

And those boys probably take that backdrop entirely for granted—can you imagine?? Nice capture, V!

megi said...

Tolles Foto!Ich liebe Ihre Fotos!Sie geben immer einen Grund zum Nachdenken!Einerseits bin ich sehr konservativ-ich weiß nicht,ob ein Kirchenhof als Fußballplatz benutzt werden kann.Anderseits ist toll,dass die Kinder in der nähe einer Kirche sind und sich mit Sport beschäftigen.ich habe auch als Lehrerin gearbeitet,deshalb schreibe ich so viel über die Kinder.
liebe Grüße

Virginia said...

I agree.

I think they do take it all for granted, but they are young!

Thank you

Actually this square is not part of the church property, just to the right is the unusual Stravinsky Fountain.

Nadege said...

Virginia, thanks a lot! Because of yesterday's photo, I had to go to Trader Joe's to buy their frozen "pains au chocolat". They are a bit on the greasy side but so good right out of the oven and hopefully that will statisfy my cravings for a while.

Starman said...

Did anyone notice the two boys wearing only T-shirts? Kids are definitely crazy.

James said...

I'd like to climb into the photo and be one of the players. :)

Doug Hickok said...

Marvelous work. A visit to your Paris photo blog is like enjoying a fine feast for the eyes.

Virginia said...

I"m always happy to lure my friends to decadent breakfast pastries! We have a bakery here that comes very close to Paris standards.

Boys will be boys, no matter the city or the weather!

I wish you had been there for me to photograph!

Thanks for leaving a comment. Your work is wonderful . Great eye you have.

Cezar and Léia said...

I love the motion in this shot, just wonderful!
And, for sure I'm enchanted by the Church!

Rob said...

The sport of the world...except for the US.