Saturday, November 7, 2009

Napoléon I

We have previously visited Malmaison here. The former manor home of Josephine and Napoléon, it contains sculpture and an abundance of portraits of them both. Today this bust of Napoléon I that I thought was far too beautiful to have been displayed in the back stairwell. For more information about Malmaison, click here.

UPDATE: I'm adding this link, which has a great number of photographs along with information about the "loving" couple. I'm still researching the name Malmaison.

Merci to Paula for this link explaining the meaning of Malmaison. My, we've all had a little history lesson today. Very interesting. Be sure to read all the comments, more there as well.


Shell Sherree said...

It is a beauty, Virginia. And that floor over on your other Malmaison post? Oh, wow.

StyleSpy said...

Do we think he was really that handsome?

Also, I'm confused by the name "Malmaison." Doesn't that translate to "Bad house?" Why would anyone call their home by such a name? Could a French speaker help me out here?

altadenahiker said...

Napoleon wrote Josephine from a campaign, "I will return to Paris tomorrow evening. Don't wash." Romantic little bugger.

That bottom photo is also very romantic. And I'm with StyleSpy. First time I saw the name, I thought it was perhaps a private hospital. Mal as in mal du tete.

Virginia said...

My French amis will have to help us here. I thought the same thing!

altadenahiker said...

You know, I think Malmaison may have been someone's surname.

Harriet said...

Hope that you have more Malmaison photos. I enjoyed my visit there and your photos bring back memories.

Love your capture of the sculpture.

Harriet said...

Surely Peter will be able to explain the reason for the name Malmaison!

Virginia said...

For once I've been to a place that Peter has not visited! Can you believe it??? :) I"ve googled it all morning and can't find a reason. It was Malmaison when Josephine bought it I do know that.âteau_de_Malmaison

PS Tomorrow a church that we both saw for the first time.

Paula said...

I like your Hemingway quote. I read "A Moveable Feast" when I was very young so I didn't really understand it and his recountings about being married but having an affair, but I do remember that he loved Paris like a lover and I think that's what he means. It's like the love of your life as far as place is concerned.

Napolean looks pristine, they must have put him there temporarily, non?

Paula said...

The meaning of Malmaison:

wv nonfi

Virginia said...

Merci for the link. Now we are in the know!

Paris might be a moveable feast but I prefer to partake right there! Loving it vicariously doesn't really satisfy if you know what I mean!

Paula said...

PS I took the idea from AH that it was a name and googled malmaison with name and up it popped. She such a whiz.

wv coffegal

Starman said...

Malmaison is the name of the town in which the house is located. I was also wondering if Napoleon was really that handsome.

altadenahiker said...

I took a group of women and one man on a tour of the Huntington today. The ringleader was a super charming lady who really lead the tour, when she stopped to take a picture, everyone stopped with her -- and she stopped every ten steps or so. She reminded me of you, without the Southern accent, but one can't have everything.

Virginia said...

If I had been there not only would i have stopped every 10 feet, for a photo, but I would have asked questions ad nauseum , and had something to say everytime you drew a breath. You are a lucky soul that i live too far away to take your tour each and every time because I would you know! Maybe one day in the near future, you'll look up and there I'll be! Be afraid, very afraid.

To be honest, I had to really look at my photos to make sure this was taken there. Luckily I snapped the plaque. I think the Emperor was not nearly this handsome. Just my opinion. Apparently Josephine felt the same way or she wouldn't have been "fooling around"!

Harriet said...

Thanks to Paula for the link to Malmaison.