Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Late!

Le Marais

I was across the street, setting up a shot of those beautiful doors and then life happened. Much more interesting than just a doorway I think.


alice said...

Yes! And it could be Peter on his Solex just on the left!

Laurent said...

Great shot and I totally agree , I love this kind of "life" pictures.

Shell Sherree said...

I love that little glimpse of inside that we catch just before the door closes behind him. Beautiful, V!!

Cathy said...

Yes, my random shots turn out almost better than my staged ones. Love the motion.

Peter said...

Alice recognised the Solex! (I guess it wasn't me this time?)

A very nice shot!!

Virginia said...

No it wasn't you zipping by much too fast Peter! However, my next visit, we must see the Marais together! Of all the places we've been, I can't think why we've not strolled this fabulous area.

I didn't know it was called a Solex!

Cathy and Shell
Me too!

Merci! Home for the Big Apple now? Hope you had a great trip.

Starman said...

I have difficulty thinking of a Parisian dressed like that in public. I wonder where he's from?

Daryl said...

Much ..

Virginia said...

Starman, it was July 14th and no Parisian I saw was dressed for summer weather. This man was definitely not French! :)

gabrielle said...

Like a study in relativity. I would love to have a peek behind that door.

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Hello Virginia!
Love, love, love this photo. I am so glad it is more than a door shot (though I am partial to them). This photo transports me... first of all, the B&W sublimely suits it... this, along with the oddly dressed character and blurred moped, strangely combine to transport me to another time... maybe the 50's. Though the gentleman's clothes don't directly support this sentiment, it is nonetheless felt at my gut level.
And, as commented on by others, that slightly opened door does work wonders for me.
Thank goodness for life stepping (and rolling and swinging) in.
Your B&W's always get me!
PS -- Thanks so much for your words on SM... They did wonders for me. I'm fortunate to have friends like you!