Monday, November 9, 2009

Les Beaux Enfants

Petit French Stranger # 46

Today two very sweet portraits. I actually chatted with le garçon and his grandpa on the streets of Paris. His grandpa was feeding him bites from a cup of glace, so he was a happy boy. La petite fille, was snapped from a distance at the Bois de Boulogne. Don't you love her little smocked dress and very French kerchief?


Laurent said...

Yes, they're beautiful and I especially like their difference. That's what makes the world a great place !

Kcalpesh said...

So adorable lovely and cute kids! Awesome portraits!

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Peter said...

I hardly publish any portraits on my blog; when I see this, I feel tempted to also try. (Maybe better leave it to you!)

Shell Sherree said...

Oh, how adorable, both of them! And I love the little girl's pine cone ~ her treasure for the day, perhaps.

Virginia said...

I love the pinecone as well. yes her little treasure I think.

Absolutely you must try some portraits! You've had practice with M & P and the two fighting cats as i recall !:)

Kcalpesh, Merci

Laurent, You guessed why I chose to post these two together!

StyleSpy said...

Darling. Maybe it's my rampant Francophilia, but I think French children are so much more well-behaved than American ones. I never even notice them in restaurants.

Daryl said...

Oh that face ... what a gorgeous child ... and the little girl in pink ..oh la la

Starman said...

I never would have guessed that is a boy.

Virginia said...

Oui, the children are very well behaved but I think they are raised that way if you know what I mean. It's expected in public places and it seems to work very nicely. I found the children irresistable and had fun talking with them and photographing a few!

Daryl, A young fashionista I think!

It's the cute curls that fooled you, oui?

Starman said...

Mais oui.

Maya said...

You and your kiddie shots! Amazing as usual!