Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Music Man

French Stranger #47

My daughter Melissa just came back from a two week stay in Paris. She joined Richard Nahem for one of his Eye Prefer Paris tours and made another visit to the Marais district of Paris. One of her favorite stops was this musical instrument shop. When she described it , I knew just who she was talking about. I visited this lovely man and his shop last November. I thought I had previously posted a photo, but I'm unable to locate it in a search so hopefully it is new to you as well! When we walked in, he was
waxing this beautiful music box that he had just acquired. What a dear he was and before we left, he even played a waltz for us! His shop was a treasure trove of every kind of instrument you could imagine. He even allowed me access to his workshop in the back! Today a few photos for you. As a note, I did not find him this past summer. I had no idea where in the Marais he was located. Melissa says it's near Place des Vosges.


Shell Sherree said...

What a treasure trove! I wonder how many young people are apprentices in such businesses ~ I hope there are some, at least! Such valuable knowledge and craftsmanship to be passed on.

France said...

no words :)

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» knows exactly where this shop is! He never found it open - he was usually by it after hours, so he had to content himself with peering through the windows.

The Marais - the swamp - is the 4 eme. It is called the swamp because that is what it was before Henri IV had it filled in the 17th century. «Louis» lived on rue-Saint-Antoine in the 4 eme, right around the corner and a couple of doors up from Richard Nahem. He didn't know Richard in Paris, but met him once when he visited San Francisco.

altadenahiker said...

Is that a lute? How beautiful.

Harriet said...

Being a player of the piano and one who appreciates the beauty of musical instruments, this photo is right up my alley.

Starman said...

Should I ever make it to Paris again, I will definitely have a look. Christmas is still a possibility.

Owen said...

Wow, what a beautiful place this must be, hope you can find the address again, I love acoustic instruments, looks like he has plenty... will have to look in the pages jaunes maybe... There used to be an excellent acoustic music shop in the rue Quincampoix (where we lived for a while) but I don't know if it is still there, have not been by there for a while...

Virginia said...

Owen, Richard Nahem knows where it is . I'll ask him and let you know. It's in the Marais so shouldn't be too hard to find. Easy for me to say since I couldn't find this last trip but I"m a little Paris challenged! :)

Wait a bit and we'll see it together!

You would love it.


what a great spot to live!

I know

Oh I'd love to stroll the Marais with you mon amie.

Peter said...

A wonderful shop and some wonderful photos and portraits!

Let's look for the place when you are back this winter!

Despite some efforts, I'm sorry we didn't manage to meet with Melissa.