Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coucher due soleil

Not bad for 698 years old!  La Conciergerie is presently undergoing renovations, so if you are traveling to Paris this year,  check its status if you're interested in going inside.


Joe said...

A fabulous silhouette of historical architecture against a crimson sky. Bravo.

Dianne said...

Ah! This pic makes my heart sing ..... Beautiful Paris in it's finest colours.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

A great image. A great city.
Warm wishes for Mother's Day.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Virginia
I'll do just that - merci mon amie!
In less than 2 weeks I'll be there again.
LOVE that night sky - WOW!

Vreni said...

Wow, what a great sky!

Alexa said...

That brilliant sky makes a perfect backdrop for the Conciergerie—beautifully composed, V!
Hope you are having a lovely Mother's day, ma chère.

Cezar and Léia said...

Great shot with beautiful silhouettes and sky colours!
God bless you!

Mary said...

Hard to wrap my mind around 698 years old! So very magnificent. And yes, i'll definitely go inside someday..

Natalie said...

Happy Mother's Day dear Virginia!
Fantastic image, simply fantastic.
Thank you.

Jack said...

A dramatic sky for this silhouette.

Harriet said...

Stunning photo!!!! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day today!