Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Les joueurs de cartes

A game of cards is pretty serious, even in Paris. I didn't linger long after this shot!
Jardin du Luxembourg


La Petite Gallery said...

I watch the news and those Muslems have ruined Paris. I was in Boston and
was walking in a Mall. A thing who knows if it was a man or a woman or what
it had under the black robes, walked past me. Only the eyes were showing. What a shock. Like Halloween in spring. If they come to America they have to adapt to OUR WAYS. My great Grandparents spoke Gaelic they learned English,they
had no welfare or Govt. help for anything. If I saw this in Europe it would have a different effect on me. I feel awful for the trouble in Paris and all over the world. How can they call it a religion and teach such HATE.

bill burke said...

The gentleman holding the cards has a very serious look on his face. Maybe he didn't want a photo taken or was thinking of his next turn.

William Kendall said...

You have been noticed.

Harriet said...

Love your new banner photo!

James said...

This is so good!!!

FigMince said...

Even the lady in the background thinks you're being crassly intrusive.

Virginia said...

Always nice to hear from you. You seem to always find the time to leave such positive comments.