Thursday, July 7, 2016

Le vieux bateau

Nogent-sur-Seine, FR


William Kendall said...

A nice and tranquil scene.

James said...

William took the words out of my mouth. Lovely shot!

Jeanie said...

This photo is exquisite, V. I'd love to crawl right into the screen. So evocative of a lazy, peaceful, lovely day.

Kate said...

I would be ready to jump in and go for a ride.

Une femme de Denver, Colorado said...

Hello and thanks for a lovely serene photo. One small niggle since you are always interested in improving votre Francais, non?
The singular for boat is "bateau," pas avec un X. Thus, C'est "le vieux bateau ."
Bon weekend!

Virginia said...

Une femme,
Merci. Actually, I really do know the singular, but was just careless, which is not often the case. I appreciate you letting me know!