Saturday, September 5, 2015

Le reflet

Not that I love them you understand, but the big motorcycles parked along all of the Paris streets do offer some fine reflections from time to time.

Today I join James' Weekend Reflections. I love this group. It is probably the only one I join now, but not on a regular basis as I forget. Pardon!


James said...

Bonjour Virginie !

Love the photo of the day and the header photo. :-)

William Kendall said...

Very nicely shot!

Harriet said...

That must have been a very clean mirror to get such a crystal clear "reflection".

Sarah said...

Your eye for an incredible shot is astounding. I've just added you to my sidebar. I knew I was missing your posts!
Thank you for sharing Paris through your lens. It's like taking a mini getaway to my favorite city.

Alexa said...

Well done, V!