Monday, January 12, 2015

Reading In Paris - Le journal

The events in Paris in the last week have left us all reeling. My heart has been with my friends and the citizens in Paris. It is hard for me to believe that the city that I love dearly and where I feel the safest, has been so devastated by violence.

For about a year, I have been a faithful follower of photographer Peter Turnley. Peter is an extremely talented photojournalist who has done plenty of time in war torn countries. Now, he lives in NYC and Paris.  His amazing BW images of Paris life captured my heart immediately. This past week, he had just returned to New York when he felt compelled to return to Paris to capture the events there. Prior to that, he ran a few photos of people reading newspapers in Paris. I remembered this image and post it today as a tribute to those who died at Charlie Hebdo and those who will hopefully continue the tradition, as well as the others who lost their lives this week in Paris.

This photo was taken on a quiet day in the gardens at the Palais Royal about a year ago.  


Joe said...

May the peacefulness of this scene be replicated across Paris soon.

La Petite Gallery said...

I just don't know how we can fight Cowards like these. They are totally
nuts. They have no guilt, killing babies and women and innocent people.
They HATE everyone, and fight in the
shadows, like wimps.
The alert is up because they are already here. Hiding under the rock.

William Kendall said...

The last few days have been difficult. Yesterday's rally in Paris was one good response to the sort of cowards who pull this in the first place: their crime only strengthens resolve against them. It doesn't instill the fear they want.

Alexa said...

It's a fitting tribute and a great image, V. I was thinking pretty much what William said. I'm sorry the gunmen aren't still alive just so they could know the huge extent to which their act of terror backfired.

Dianne said...

I feel the same Virginia ....could this have happened in beautiful elegant Paris the city that I love. The warming thing was to see the thousands of people who marched in the streets united in one cause .... freedom of expression and freedom of speech.
I took a peek at Peter Turnley's book French Kiss .... what an absolute delight!