Friday, January 2, 2015

Deux Amies

Don't you just love it when you download your photos and find a photo you didn't even remember taking? That is the case here. I really can't pinpoint where it was taken but loved these two friends sharing the blanket to ward off the chilly November weather.


Debs said...

Great photo. And a lovely surprise for you :)

Jean said...

Hi, this is my first day of your blog. I am a long-time Paris traveler and spend a month there every year in January. I followed Paris Daily Photo for at least 10 years until yesterday when it ended. I found your site and look forward to your lovely contributions!

I live in Williamsburg, VA. Another lovely place!

Happy New Year Sincerely, Jean

Alexa said...

All bundled up but still sitting out on the terrasse -- French girls for sure!

Virginia said...

Debs. thank you!

Jean,I hope you will stop by often. As you may have read, Eric Tenin and PDP were my inspiration for both of my blogs and I'm so grateful for Eric. I will surely miss him, both on his blog and seeing him in Paris when I visit. I have been in Jan. four times but the last two years in November when there is more color and the weather a tad better.

James said...

I absolutely love this picture! It felt like I'd seen it before. After some thought I think it reminds me of the old photo in the link below.
What do you think?

William Kendall said...

The photo has a very thoughtful sense to it... quite evocative!

Jack said...

Nice street photo, Virginia.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I'm still uncomfortable with street photography in my hometown (way too small and intimate, no one is a stranger) which is why I love the dailies of others. Love these images of moments captured between friends.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

V, this is a beautiful timeless photo of two women enjoying a glass of wine while sharing conversation and a warm lap robe.

One of my favorites!