Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Church Series - Poussez

I am grateful that I have been able to visit Paris so many times.  Through the years, I've found museums and churches and special places that I revisit time after time. The Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis Church is one of those places.  Located in the Marais, it's not a grand cathedral but just a lovely place of worship in Paris.  This door, leading out the front doors, bears the marks of over 400 years.  I love the wear and tear.
`Eglise Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis
99 rue Saint-Antoine
75004 Paris


dieter michalek said...

so wonderful shot.

Alexa said...

I love the wear and tear too -- but I'm glad they cleaned the facade. Love these details, V --

William Kendall said...

Very worn. And it makes it appealing that way.

Jack said...

The door is perfect. Of course, if I were around there, I would get to work with some sandpaper and varnish.