Thursday, April 16, 2015


Nicely dressed for a stroll through the Palais Royal. Perhaps monsieur is a shop owner or going to do a little shopping.


Stefan Jansson said...

Stylish gent.

Alexa said...

I think I'd be embarrassed to walk through the Palais Royal if I hadn't made some effort to dress nicely. Know what I mean, V?

La Petite Gallery said...

you have such interesting photo's.. Thanks for sharing

William Kendall said...

Quite stylish!

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

In and around the Palais Royale is my favourite spot in Paris....great architecture and Art, the Buren columns, fab shops, restaurants, winebars and the most wonderful gardens. And in the arvo you get to watch the gentlemen playing boules!!

It's all there in one tiny spot. We've even seen a very stylish film being shot there! And of course the history of the place is wonderful too.

Lovely Virginia!