Sunday, March 8, 2015

Des milliers de visages

Last November, as we left Luxembourg Gardens and started our walk towards the Panthéon, we noticed that the dome had been wrapped in a sea of faces during the renovation which has been ongoing for some two years. Last night as I researched this, I learned that not just the façade, but the interior is clad in even more. The credit goes to someone I have admired for several years, JR. I first learned of him through his Inside Out Projects around the world. I have even tried to start one here in my hometown of Birmingham. JR's work is amazing, and I'm thrilled he has been given this beautiful space for yet another innovative project. Have a look HERE at the photos! Now try and imagine how disappointed I am that I did not get a ticket and go inside and see the other installations! How do you say, "I could kick myself!" in French?


Alexa said...

"Je pourrais me donner un coup de pied." But I think it doesn't quite translate, so maybe try "Je me serais bouffé." Better yet, just pat yourself on the back instead for getting this shot!

William Kendall said...

Some of that wrapping is around one of our Parliament Buildings, with more to follow over the next few years.

Jack said...

Thanks for introducing me to JR. I had not heard of him, but his work seems fascinating. I would have like to see it in Paris.

I think it is Kickez moi.