Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Church Series - Voilà

Completed in 1641, the Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church was in serious need of some restoration work.  When we visited in January 2012, the front facade was covered.  What a nice surprise to see the work completed when we passed last month.  The stonework has been cleaned and now you can really see the marvelous details.  Of course the new choice of rouge for the doors pleased me very much indeed!

rue Saint Antoine
75004 Paris
Métro: Saint Paul


Louise said...

What a lovely picture, of a lovely church.

Kiki said...

Thought of you twice today, NOW that I read that this marvellous church is renovated as I also only had photos of last year's covered up fassade.... AND walking to the restaurant we had lunch today at Metro Invalides the first thing we spotted upon coming out was the NUTELLA CREPE STAND.... :)
Had a wonderful meal and a lovely walk - sunny Sunday greetings and good night to you, Kiki

Unknown said...

I look forward to your church photograph and comment each Sunday. Would you consider taking photographs of the inside, as well as the outside, of the churches (or do many Parisian churches forbid that)? Leslie in Portland, Oregon

Virginia said...

I'm so glad you enjoy my Church Series. I often post photos from the inside of Parisian churches. They do allow it but I try and be respectful and not intrude on any services etc. I will try and remember to feature an interior shot next time. Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog.

Alexa said...

When I was there in 2011, I stayed in the Marais and passed by this church many times and hoped that it would get a good cleaning sometime soon—SO nice to see it looking like this!

Joe said...

Hi V ... it is wonderful to see such important architecture being maintained for all to see. I hope it is never lost. Ciao J.

Vreni said...

The red door is very beautiful!