Saturday, July 29, 2017

Whisk me away to...

E. Dehillerin. Dupuis 1820, every kind of cooking pan or utensil you could ever need!

E. Dehillerin
18-20 rue Coquillière
75001 Paris


William Kendall said...

They're obviously well stocked!

Unknown said...

You may want to correct the name and address of this esteemed establishment, to: E. Dehillerin
18 et 20 rue Coquillière
75001 Paris

Thank you, Leslie in Oregon

bestefar said...

Love Dehillerin! Bought a bunch of copper cookware there many years ago amazingly cheap compared to USA prices. I will always try to get there on a trip to Paris. Even if you don't need/buy anything, it's a fun place to visit.