Monday, September 5, 2016

Nouveaux vs anciens

Cimetière du Montmartre, the third largest in Paris, features a road running directly overhead some of the resting places. The current cemetery was finished in 1824 and built in an abandoned gypsum quarry. Rue Caulaincourt, or Pont Caulaincourt, a decorative metal viaduct runs over it. This is a resting place in Paris that I recommend if you are visiting Montmartre and want to experience a Paris cemetery. 


Jeanie said...

I love this spot. I was so pleased Peter took us there. We (I) hadn't really planned on it but I am a bit of a cemetery fan (more than Rick) so when he suggested it, I was thrilled. And even Rick found it one of the best parts of the day! Though we both agreed the best part of the day was Peter!

Paulita said...

Nice catch of the ancient and the modern abutting each other.

William Kendall said...

What a contrast!