Friday, June 26, 2015

Pont Neuf

The oldest standing bridge across the Seine. Luckily there is nothing to attach a love lock to so it's still standing and as lovely as it was when it was completed in 1607. Four hundred years later, it's beautiful.


William Kendall said...

A very pretty sight!

Harriet said...

Great angle for this shot.

Jack said...

1607 . . . really! It looks far more sophisticated than something from that time.

Alexa said...

I was thinking just what Harriet said.

beatrice De said...

That the one Chisto has * emballé * !
I saw the trees near Basel, Switzerland. It was a feary sensation. His wife was there. I ask they address in New York saying I was coming next week, and I could bring in, a box of chocolate. So she did and so I went with 500 grams box. She didn't expect a such big one.
But, went she realize I was not going to buy a drawing, the put me out gently.
I will never forget the place to go up in they apartment. Funny steps and * rampe *. shame, in that time, i was not walking with a camera.