Sunday, November 30, 2008


"La Petite Fenetre de Montmartre"

"Music Man"
Le Marais

"Macarons - delicieux"
Le Marais

"Morning Walk"


Julie said...

"Morning Walk" is spot on - it really clicks into the moment.

I have a copy of Mullins' book - very affecting. I know the angst involved in trailing behind because of photographs. And in 23 days I did the same number of photos that you did in 8!! This is a revealing exercise. I would love to know the criteria that you use to select what to post from Paris each day.

Do continue to continue ...

JM said...

J'aime bien la petite fenĂȘtre de Montmartre! :-) I really like this kind of details.
The b&w photo is awesome! It looks like a shot from the 50s or the 60s. Well done!

Virginia said...

Julie, I am laughing because the "selection process" is so very random at the moment. Oh that I had someone like you over my shoulder to advise. At the moment, I am trying to select a place, a portrait, maybe a detail etc. That said, tomorrow is a theme that will go with my CDP Theme Day photo! I plan to do a few themes from time to time. We'll see.

I like your French version better. I will change my title! The titles are sometimes more difficult than the photo.

Karen said...

They are all wonderful.. Your daily dose of Paris photos have become my daily desert. A lovely treat for the eyes..

Delicious Parisian eye candy....

Keep 'em coming.

Chuck Pefley said...

Virginia, it looks like you're having a wonderful time in Paris. Such a different feel to these images vs. Montgomery :) Lovely!!

Chuck Pefley said...

Well, I got the state right, anyway. But ... should have said Birmingham. (sigh) So sorry.

alice said...

Pour moi, ce sera un macaron au chocolat! ;-))

babooshka said...

Morning Walk is the classic one, obviously. Anyone can see that. Please stick to the random selection. I'm enjoying the human aspect, the "American In Paris", the observer's view, not bogged down in the technicalities. I think I may have to start a real photography blog because I am reading so much crap recently from people who well, either aren't photographers or just not that good. It is really bugging me.

I just want to be able to enjoy the images. As you can see I am not a happy bunny at the moment. I just want to drop by here and enjoy Paris, no agenda. I am enjoying this blog so much.

Theme day I will be alll better, with an arty slant on the theme.

Virginia said...

My friend, I think we already know each other, oui?

Now calm down. YOu'll be better in a day or two! Enjoyed Gary's work as always. Tell him to go easy on our new president! Glad you like my mix. That's me trying to please all the people all the time! Impossible.

WHY didn't I eat macarons every single day when I could??? I never got a chocolate one. I think I must order some.

And Chuck, I try but I simply cannot make Birmingham look like Paris! HA BTW, Chuck has the most amazing photo today on his blog. Blew me away. Click on his name and run see it.

D.C. Confidential said...

"Morning Walk" gets my vote for the best picture in this series! Magical. Wow.

Julie said...

Oui - just trying to fine-tune a new incarnation. This is my third attempt since I dumped Sydney Eye. Hope it lasts out the week! It will be non-CDPB and non-meme and involve a greater mix of image and words.

I enjoy the eclectic nature of each of your posts from Paris thus far and agree that often the caption is as difficult to arrive at as the photograph was to compose. It is interesting to see what attracted your eye and think back to what attracted mine. Did you stay in the Marais?

Virginia said...

I will have to say I am sick at heart that Sydney is no longer. I so enjoyed your poetry and fabulous images. New blog address??? I value your opion as your recent photos from Paris and Europe were absolutely stunning. I tried to capture the same feel as yours but realize I didn't even come close. Sigh! Thank you for visiting. Hope you will continue to give me feedback my friend.

We stayed right off the Rue de Rivoli. An exciting spot right in the heart of everything. I did a photography tour one morning in the Marais however. And in all 1,100 photos there were many duplicates. I was so afraid of missing something I often shot at different settings etc. I am not quite as prolific as you gave me credit for!HA

Tomorrow? Hint- It's big, has a fabulous dome and is spectacular. That could be anywhere in Paris, oui?

Eki Akhwan said...

These are fabulous pictures, V. Now I understand better why you (and many other visitors) fall in love with this magnificent city; and I can see your love through your lenses.

Now, let's see which ones are my favorites:
- The one you use for the header is definitely beautiful.
- That Morning Walk photo is magical.
- That Grande Roue is a compositional genius.
- That dapper Frenchman is wonderful.

Others are beautiful - but I love those three most.

Keep them coming, V. And the stories, please ... (Well, those pictures tell a thousand words, but I can't seem to have enough).

Thanks for generously sharing them, V.

And oh ..., if I were an editor of a photo mag, I'd hire you as a travel photographer ... :)

PJ said...

I love the mix of permanence in the architectural details and the impermanence of the organic: vines, people and food. Would that we could all live against such an exquisite backdrop.

marley said...

Loving the black and white street scene.

jill said...

Each is cause to linger and soak it in. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

All your photos here are simply stunning. I do love the morning walk in B&W!!

Petrea said...

The macarons - I can't help but think of Monica from PDP! "Morning Walk," though, that's for me. You're very generous to post more than one per day. They're all wonderful, just wonderful.

At The Well said...

V. I can't see the full size of 'Morning Walk' -- could you be able to fix the link?

Snapper said...

Beautiful, quiet image Virginia. Love this new blog. Cheers!

Ming the Merciless said...

Ooooowww...I want a macaroon.

Love the last B&W photo.

James said...

"Morning Walk" Montmartre is outstanding a real classic!