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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heads Over Heels

Tombées du Camion translates to "fallen from the truck".  I first read about this quaint and quirky little shop tucked away in Montmartre in *Paris Made By Hand.   I thought it looked intersting, and I was right.  It's full to the brim with odd little toys, vintage everything, including some medical equipment and printing press letters.  

Now they have two locations. I assume the newer one is just as interesting.  If you can find this place, you'll want your camera handy.

17 rue Joseph de Maistre
06 62 07 20 87

47 Passage des Panoramas
01 42 33 22 19

* I've enjoyed Paris Made By Hand but have found several of the shops closed or no longer at the location. 
I would call or check the web before hand.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tombées due Camion

Often as we stroll the side streets of Paris, we stumble upon a wonderful and unique little shop.  Not this time. I found Tombées du Camion ( fallen from the truck) in * Paris Made By Hand and had it on my list. Thankfully I had my navigational pilot and co-pilot
 ( Peter and Mary) along,  and they sniffed out the address et voilà!  How to describe this tiny place?  A delightful mélange of printmaking letters, antique wooden shoe forms, medical equipment, vintage ties, and doll's endless.   Today two photos. One I think illustrates this wonderful wall of letters the best, but it needed the human element, so you get two for one today.

* I  LOVE this little book, but note that a few of the stores featured have since closed. Perhaps a web search before your trip will eliminate some disappointments.

Tombées du Camion
17 rue Joseph de Maistre
Métro: Abbesses ou Blanche